War and Peace: We brought about peace in the case of Akcetin Triko vs. Abdullah Izgi


On November 26, 2016 three people attacked our member Abdullah Izgi, when he left Sina Triko after his shift afternoon. When we heard about the incident, we immediately went to the hospital and took care of his treatment. We companied his treatment in the hospital and his way home. On the other hand, we took legal action on the matter. The reason of the attack became soon evident.

We announced the incident through our website and social media accounts. Thanks to sensitive people and institutions, the incident drew serious attention.

We got the first positive reaction from Nesan Triko. This was very important for us.

The second reaction was from the employer of Akcetin Triko, Hidir Cetin. With the support and encouragement of Nesan Triko, Hidir Cetin immediately met with us. We came together with the employers of the two firms several times. We discussed and came to terms. Finally, we invite Abdullah Izgi to the table and together came to an agreement. To see that Hidir Cetin and Abdullah Izgi shake hands and hug was important for us. Our first concern was to prevent any further harm to anyone due to this conflict.

Akcetin Triko employer withdrew his application to the higher court about the legal cases of four Bagimsiz-Sen members including Abdullah Izgi. The employer also declared that he will respect the freedom of association of workers in his workshop.

We thank the employers of Nesan Triko and Akcetin Triko who made an effort to solve the conflict. Most importantly, we thank Abdullah Izgi, who generously made the peace possible despite the attack he experienced.

We thank our members, who ran to the hospital when they heard the incident, who show a great level of solidarity, who told that they are ready to do whatever needed.

We thank our friends and all sensitive people, who condemn the attack and offer their support, when we announced the incident through social media.

After all, we shouldn’t forget,

if workers unite, the world will shake!


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